Top 10 Teen Pregnancy Myths You Wish You Knew The Truth To

With full grown adults still believing in the Lochness Monster and Sasquatch, there’s no wonder why teens and young adults have a boat load of misinformation about what happens between the sheets.

Since I want you to be a well-educated, responsible person, here are the top 10 teen pregnancy myths I’ve compiled from over 200 comments and questions left on my past blog, ranked in order of the most outlandish claims. Feel free to comment at the bottom of this article with the most ridiculous pregnancy myth you’ve heard and I’ll update this with your pregnancy myth vs. fact!

Pregnancy Myth #1: She can’t get pregnant the first time we have sex.

Yes she can. It doesn’t matter if it is your first or 100th time, the chances are the same. Also, your first time will not resemble anything remotely close to what you’ve seen in porn.

Pregnancy Myth #2: She can’t get pregnant if he pulls out.

Yes she can. Ah, the good ol’ pull out method. Pulling out means that a man pulls his penis out of the vagina before he “comes” to keep sperm entering the vagina. Pulling out is only about ~85% effective in preventing pregnancy. Pregnancy can happen even if the guy pulls out, if he doesn’t ejaculate, or doesn’t put his penis all the way in. Playing “just the tip” also can cause pregnancy, and trust me, you’ll want to put it all the way in.

Pregnancy Myth #3: She can’t get pregnant if she doesn’t orgasm.

Yes she can. Chances are a girl won’t orgasm at all during her first few sexual encounters and the amount of pleasure or displeasure she receives from having sex has nothing to do with her chances of becoming pregnant. Orgasm or fakegasm, either way a woman’s cervix dips down after her sexual arousal is over and “collects” semen. Hence the term “cum dumpster” or “semen shovel”.

Pregnancy Myth #4: She can’t get pregnant if she douches after sex.

Yes she can. Douching after sex is completely pointless and no, it’s not just a term reserved to described guys who joined a fraternity. By the time she gets out her douche and finds the optimal douching position, it is far too late. Semen are strong swimmers and if conception was going to take place, it has already happened. Douching with Coca Cola or vinegar (I can’t make this up) also makes no difference and will only make for a sticky mess and a yeast infection. Don’t douche, ya douche.

Pregnancy Myth #5: She can’t get pregnant if she’s on her period.

Yes she can. She can become pregnant during any time during her menstrual cycle. Most women’s cycles are irregular, especially teenagers, and some women ovulate – the time when an egg is released and a woman is most fertile – very close to the time that they have their periods. Plus, sperm can live in a woman’s body for up to 7 days waiting for ovulation to happen (gross, isn’t it?). Just because a woman isn’t ovulating when she has her period doesn’t mean she can’t get pregnant. In fact, just assume she will get pregnant, so don’t try having unprotected sex, Chief.

Pregnancy Myth #6: Guys can use plastic wrap or plastic bags if they don’t have a condom.

No. Anything other than a real condom can not be used. You shouldn’t even trust no-name brand condoms or the ones that come out those dispensers at truck stops and nightclubs. Lamb skin condoms don’t work either.

Free Tip: Flush those suckers down the toilet. If your sex mate is intentionally trying to get pregnant, she can take the condom out of the trash, harvest the semen and artificially inseminate herself. It’s happened. Plus, you don’t want her/your parents finding used condoms.

Pregnancy Myth #7: She can’t get pregnant if she/me is drunk or on drugs.

Yes she canFirst effect of alcohol and most drugs? Lowered inhibitions. You do and say things you wouldn’t otherwise. It makes for a fun time, but I guarantee my child was conceived on a night I do not remember. Alcohol, drugs and even Mountain Dew has no effect on her ability to become pregnant during sex. People are also much more likely to become victims of sexual assault or rape when these substances are used, so as a general rule it’s best to keep sex and illegal substances separate.

Pregnancy Myth #8: She can’t get pregnant if she is on birth control.

Yes she can. The pill is only 97-99.9% effective. That .01% means that she can get pregnant. The pill is also not effective until at least 1 month after she starts taking it. As always, it is a fantastic idea to use a second form of birth control, like  condoms. Also for the record, my girlfriend was on birth control when she became pregnant. The .01% can be a real bitch sometimes.

Pregnancy Myth #9: Certain sex positions prevent pregnancy.

None do. Any sex position, anywhere, anyhow and with anyone can make a girl pregnant. Backways, frontways, sideways, upsidedownways, it doesn’t matter. If the P goes in the V, you can have a B.

Pregnancy Myth #10: Everyone is doing it!

Nope. Most studies show that less than 45% of teens have sex before they leave high school. If my math is correct, then 55% of teens are NOT having sex in high school – the majority. Your friends will likely lie and say they banged the popular chick, or even the hot math teacher, but it probably didn’t happen. The only truth that matters is if you are ready or not to practice safe sex.

Does it sound like no matter what she will get pregnant if you have sex? Good, it should, because there is a good chance she will become pregnant if you are using only one or no forms of birth control. The only sure-fire way to ensure she does not become pregnant is that ugly “A” word – abstinence. It works, and it’ll make sure you keep the teen birth rate down and aren’t changing diapers on prom night.

What’s the funniest pregnancy myth you’ve heard? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. caitlin

    she can get pregnant if she swallows…

    1. Alyssa

      nope, its impossible your stomach isnt attached to the uterus and the stomach acid kills the sperm almost instantly.

  2. Dan

    Quick question
    Can you get pregnant if you put your penis in her vagina for a few seconds (all the way in) and pull out. But did not come at all just a quick in and out seconds type of thing can she get pregnant?

    1. Lilo

      Yes there’s a thing called Pre-cum that could in fact get a girl pregnant. When A males penis gets hard( for what we know gets a boner) it lets off clear pre-cum this can get a girl pregnant because it may contain sperm that has been blocked from the last time you “got off” it is best to stay protected even when you think just putting it in and taking it out it ok.

      1. Ian

        I just inserted my penis into my girlfriend first at the tip of the head & then 3 full times in,took it out as soon as possible,can she still get pregnant?i didn’t cum at all.

    2. Rick

      Pre cum has little to no sperm. Sperm and pre cum come from 2 different glands. The only way pre cum would contain sperm is if you had sperm in your penis from previous ejeculation but even then sperm count is very low so chance of pregnancy is still there but its highly unlikely

  3. Lilo

    Ohkay so my boyfriend and i we going to have sex but we didnt, instead he took his penis out and started like rubbing (or humping i guess)his penis on my soffe shorts. And i guess like come or something(not sure) but after i gave him a blowjob and he comed in my mouth.. i have not have any sexual activity since the 26 when i started my period and it lasted til the 30th and im late on my period is there anyway with what we did that i could be pregnant??

    1. Mero

      What you and your boyfriend did is called dry humping although there is a chance for pregnancy but there would have to be a number of conditions fulfilled. If your shorts were wet and your boyfriend came on you there is a chance that the sperm swam through but it is an extremely low percent. His precum most likely contained sperm if he had cum earlier but all in all there’s a really low chance for pregnancy but be careful.

  4. Jack

    Is there any possible way to not get pregnat from sex 100% chance that the girl wont, me and my gf are thinking about having sex but we want to be 100% sure that she doesnt get pregnant

    1. Johnny

      Actually, there are a few ways.

      1. Get a vasectomy. (There is also new procedure that doesn’t hurt and can be reversed, but I do not know what it is called)
      2. Do anal.
      3. Do oral.

      But I suggest this, don’t have sex unless you are ready for a baby. My parents used both the pill and a condom when I was conceived.

  5. Kayla

    If your having sex as a teen does it lower your chance of having kids later?

  6. Kt

    My boyfriend and i had sex than when we were done we cuddled a bit then i wanted more so he touched me and he got hard and we had sex again but he stopped cause he was tired but didnt cum. He also didnt use the washroom inbetween could i be pregnant ?

    1. Did you have sex? Then yes, you could be. Using a “washroom” would have nothing to do with you being pregnant or not, but using birth control would.

  7. Shemiza

    My bf and I had sex yesterday and well his penis wasn’t getting hard I guess because he was nervous so he said maybe if I put it in it can get hard and well if I feel something I’ll take it out right away and put on a condom, he did like 15 seconds into it and then put on a condom is there any possible chance of me getting pregnant

    1. What you did is called “turkey stuffing.” Next time, throw in some foreplay.

  8. nate

    If I just cum in my girlfriend, but has been on birth control for months and never had a problem before but she just changed to a different manufacture and I just cum in her when she did switch, will she get pregnant?

    1. No birth control is 100% effective. The fact that she just changed birth control has the possibility to decrease its effectiveness. Wear a condom.

  9. mac

    i just lost my virginity today, we put on a condom properly (i think), the condom didn’t get ripped and im sure i left enough space for the cum and i cam inside of her….im a bit worried anyways should i be??

    1. Props on using a condom your first time out. Keep it up, pal! Don’t be worried, but also talk to your lady friend about getting on some birth control if she isn’t already.

  10. Tiffany

    Is there a high chance I could be pregnant if my boyfriend came in me 2 days after my period was over & 2 days before I became fertile?

    1. Always a possibility.

  11. mandy

    Today is 29-1-2013 n i had sex with my boyfriend on 27-01-2013 but we didn’t use any condom.We both are 18yrs old.When his penis became erract and hard i first blowjow it then he inserted it in me.He didn’t even cum inside me but today i heard about pre cum and i m very nervous.He asked me to take i-pill and i m planning to take it on 31-1-2013.Will it prevent me from getting pregnant?

  12. mandy

    please rply today itself…itz a humble request…if i became pregnant then i will not be having any option left rather then commiting suside..plz help

    1. Mandy,

      Becoming pregnant isn’t the end of the world. If you aren’t ready for a child, that is perfectly fine. There is plenty of options for safe abortion and adoption. You typically have 72 hours to take the “morning after pill” after you have sex, to be safe. Visit and call who can help you further. Seek help first. If your boyfriend didn’t cum, the chances of pregnancy are much lower.

      1. Ben

        Have u ever watched an abortion video? It’s horrific! :-(

        1. Mero

          Abortions are great though. It gives you chances your life won’t be completely dragged down or ruined forever because of one mistake. I support teenagers and older women to get abortions if they can’t provide a happy life for the child or can’t take responsibility for it. The period in which abortions are possible the fetus hasn’t developed completely so don’t be back off because of the belief that you’re killing a child.

  13. ken

    Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant if i only stuck half my head in and pull out, & i didn’t cum . And shes still has her virginity i haven’t pop her.

    1. If you stuck your penis, she is not a virgin. If you didn’t cum, she won’t get pregnant. Did you go to sex ed?

  14. shruti

    Me n my bf gt intimated bt he did nt inserted his penis into my vagina.
    It ws jst in a touching position
    So wil i gt pregnant?

    1. Mero

      So there are a couple things you’ll need to clarify with your bf. If he had cum recently there is a chance that sperm might’ve been picked up by precum and that could make you pregnant. If he did cum near your vagina there is a higher chance that you will get pregnant.

  15. Nalyn

    Hello everyone it seems like mostly men up here, but I would still love to know if you had any advice . My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a good 7 months now steady sex multiple times a day everyday or every other. I have epilepsy & take 3 different medicines my doctor says it shouldn’t stop me from getting pregnant. But I haven’t had any luck yet. :-( I just want to be a mom. & a simple piece of advice to the young kids wondering if there pregnant use protection if your not ready for the responsibility because somewhere out there someone wants a child & is fighting to have one.

    1. Mero

      “…and a simple piece of advice to the young kids wondering if they’re pregnant, use protection If you’re not ready for the responsibility. Because somewhere out there someone wants a child and is fighting to have one.”Edited so people can actually understand the comment for an adult your grammar is concerning(what does you fighting for a child have anything to do with teen pregnancy).

  16. Ashley

    My doctor says I can have sex day after I start my pill if I start day of my period. But to be safe up to 7 days. So is it still 1-3 chance? I’m on day 11 today but had unprotected sex before I took my 11 day pill. Can I get preg?

    1. Sure can. Just because you are on BC doesn’t give you 100% anti-baby protection. Have. protected. sex.

  17. vashi

    on wearing clothes can any girl become pregnant..??? m a bit worried.. because yesterday i was on my bf n i felt his sex touching mine … I know nothing is going to happen but still i want to know and i want to listen from you that nothing is going to happen plzz reply today itself…!!!!! please..!!!

    1. Vashi,

      You can’t get pregnant by his “sex” touching yours. It’s like saying I can get AIDS from someone sneezing on me. Luckily, you aren’t pregnant.

  18. amandaaaa

    If I had unprotected sex, is there anyway that I can clean, as in douche afterward, to be safe?

    1. No, once sperm is in there, it’s in there.

  19. josh

    my girlfriend and i have had sex twice. the first time i used a condom half way through but second time no condom was used but i pulled out. when i pulled out some may have gotten close to her vagina. i fingered her afterwards but she is on birth control and has been for awhile, the chances are low right?

    1. I’d roughly estimate she has a 32% chance of getting pregnant. Be safe, bro. Wrap it up.

    2. Mero

      If she’s been on birth control for awhile like the article said there is a 97-99 percent chance that she will get pregnant but I wouldn’t take the chance and next time you should probably wear a condom. If you’re extremely worried or she is though there is emergency contraception that can be used within 3 days in order to prevent unplanned pregnancy. Over reacting and going the extra mile is much better than getting pregnant.

  20. plze help me out

    hy..i and my bf had sex wid cothes on.
    he was wearing underwear & cotton pants.& i was wearing underwear.
    can i be pregent??
    i m really worried.plze reply fast.

  21. Layla

    We were both naked, and my boyfriend humped me from the back. (My butt) He started ejaculating but stood up before it got on me. I am 8 days late for my period should I be worried?

    1. REALLY need to no the answer

      Yea you should b and get a pregnancy test done because he could of got the pre cum on you and that could have leaked around to your front (Virginia)

  22. jaclyn

    me and my boyfriend were going to have sex but all he ended up doing was stucking the head in (unprotected) then pulling out, he didnt cum before nor after. could I be pregnant? what are the possibilities?

  23. envy

    is there any chance of getting pregnant it’s my 1st time and i had unprotected sex exactly 33 days before and that day was the 2nd day of my periods but he didnt cum inside me and next day after the sex the egg was also comes off but nw I missed my periods by 4 days is there any chance of getting pregnant or my dates are going ahead plzz rply fast im really worried im jst 20…. pls rply fast :’( im on depression.. and if im pregnant which is the best abortion pill easily available in medical store..

  24. traci g.

    I jack him off and he came and we cleaned up. then 15 mins later he put it in but we didnt have sex . can i get pregnant?

    1. If he “put it in” then you had sex. Welcome to non-virginity.

  25. Lisette

    Hi my boyfriend and i have been using the pull out method& my period has been coming.normally every month. But this time it hasn’t i got it feb.14&i have a calender on my ipod that tells me whem I’m suppose to be getting it&it said March 16th its the 19th.. Does that mean I’m pregnant.?

    1. First off, the pull out method isn’t a method, it is Russian Roulette wrapped around stupidity. Wear a condom and got on the pill. Secondly, being a few days late on your period doesn’t mean you are pregnant – you could just be late. Wait until the 23rd and take an in home pregnancy test if it has not come by then.

  26. Chris

    Situation: Girl is on birth control, I did not use condom, did not ejaculate inside her.

    Question: % chance of pregnancy?


    1. When used as directed the rate of effectiveness varies from 92-99.9%. Statically speaking, her chances of getting pregnant are anywhere from 0.1-8% and 100% too high. Wear a condom and you can breathe easy my friend.

  27. Daniel

    To anyone reading this.
    My father, Uncle and Gran-father are all Doctors.
    There is no active sperm in Pre- Ejaculation fluid so it can not make you pregnant. This is all a myth and complete and utter scare mongering. For Pregnancy to occur the man has to ejaculate inside his partner. End – of .
    Use a condom. Practice Safe sex and have fun.

    1. Daniel – thanks for posting, however, the verdict is still out on this. From Wikipedia, “…non-generalizable study that found mixed evidence, including individual cases of a high sperm concentration, has been recently published.”
      Here’s the link, warning NSFW:

  28. Tony

    yesterday i got a blowjob from my girlfriend and i came in her mouth and we stopped doing anything for a couple of hours. then we got started doing something and i rubbed my dick on her pussy and just the tip in for a second. and there was no pre cum or anything. could she be pregnant?

    1. Sperm can survive outside of the body for no more than about an hour. In general, if the semen is still wet it may well have live sperm. If it’s dried, your swimmies are dead.

  29. sophie

    Me and my boyfriend did foreplay in the bath, I think he ejaculated but I’m not sure, could I be pregnant? I had my period yesterday but it only lasted about an hour and I’ve been feeling sick yesterday and this morning

    1. Mero

      You may be bleeding which is a sign of pregnancy you may want to check down there for any spotting, but if you’re worried take a Morning after pill next time and check with a pregnancy test after a week or so.

  30. helmi pangdua

    Hey… Today I had sex with my gf but I stuck my P in her anus for only 2 second but after I stuck it in she and I did a 69 then I stuck it in but I think there is pre-cum in it is it possibel for her to be pregnant and I left some littel cum or pre-cum I don’t know I think its pre-cum on her underwear could that make her pregnant ? Please I’m soo worried :(

  31. Mary

    So my boyfriend and I were messing around yesterday and I performed oral sex on him, he ejaculated and cleaned himself and I made sure his fingers and penis were dry. He then performed oral sex on me and fingered me, is there any way I could get pregnant if he fingered me having his fingers dry of semen? Afterwards, I again performed oral sex on him and then he inserted his penis into my vagina, there was no thrust, just insertion. With that, is there any way sperm could have gotten into my vagina that will lead me to get pregnant even if I performed oral before? (there was no pre-cum, & I have read that saliva can kill sperm (or at least disturb the Ph level)). Thanks a response is VERY helpful, I am worried!

    1. Always a possibility, although unlikely. Thrust or no thrust, it’s still sex. Use a condom.

  32. angie

    ok well my bf ejaculate outside well on my vagina during the time of my ovulation and he did it twice the same day i was still laying down when it happened what are the chances of pregnancy?

    1. Greater than the chances of you using punctuation.

  33. Mary

    HeY, so two days ago me and my boyfriend were messing around and we were rubbing, but then he stuck the tip in a little bit for a few seconds. Then again yesterday after he fingered me he stuck the tip in a little further until it started to hurt so we took it out. All unprotected, any chance I could be pregnant? He hadn’t ejaculated earlier in the day and peed in the morning… I should be due my period any day now… I’m kinda worried.. What should I do?

  34. sam

    So today its May 21, 2013, I had sex with my boyfriend May 17 & May18, we used vaginal contraceptiveand a condom, the second time we didn’t use anything, and he didn’t cum insideand I was only on day 7 & 8 of my cycle, what are the probabilities of me being pregnant?

  35. Dickson

    If I became hard and if I wiped off my pre-cum and if I insert it into Gf’s V, then she’ll be pregnant???? I don’t want to have sex with condom, coz it’s bit less pleasurable..:(

    1. Dickson,

      It’s less pleasurable to have a baby as a teenager. Wrap it up, son.

      - Chris

  36. Fran

    So I had sex today and as he was pulling out my boyfriend said “I think I just came” which scared the life out of me, then he proceded to laugh and say “I’m just kidding.” I watched him ejaculate on the floor beside me after he finished the task from pulling out. I thought nothing of it because we joke around all the time. As I thought about it later we did have sex longer than we usually do and he came pretty fast after he pulled out. I know the pull out method isn’t 100% effective but we’ve had pretty good luck with it for two years. I later asked him if he was kidding or not and he said he doesn’t remember but he’d like to think he didn’t. How can you not remember? And is there any thing you think might hit my mind at ease?

    1. Fran,

      It’s impossible to cum and not be aware of it. It is possible he had multiple orgasms, which kept the sex going. Wearing a condom next time and using BC will put your mind to ease. Or your boyfriend not being an idiot. Either one.

      - Chris

  37. Becc

    Im 21 and a bit worried. HELP?! So on July 11th, my bf and I were fore-playing and then he wanted to do it without a condom. So i made him wipe off any wetness(pre-cum) he may have had. Then he inserted it in me only with 3 or 4 thrusts and i made him stop. He didnt cum in me but im concerned because i think i was on day 12 or 14 of my cycle about to ovulate. We ended up using a condom to finish up. Could i be pregnant? I already used the plan B twice 1 year ago. So i dont want to take it unless it would be a high risk of getting pregnant now…HELPPPPPP :(

    1. Becc,

      If he “finished” with a condom on, you’re probably not preggers. Next time though, start AND finish with a condom on.

      - Chris

  38. Danielle

    Me and my boyfriend were being stupid we didn’t hAve sex but he came on my vagina then rubbed it on my clitoris could I be pregnant my period came 2 days later..,,

    1. Mero

      No, if you’re period came then you don’t have to worry about it but tell him not to do that next time there’s a high risk for pregnancy if he came on your vagina.

  39. AMIT

    ME and my gf did sex last night, her MC date is 19th, but till the last night her MC didn’t come,it may be late this time, is there any chance of pregnancy,is it a time to get pregnant??? please answer fast….it is the question of my life……..

  40. Dylan

    Hey so my gf and I always use a condom. We always put it on correctly, and never make any sexual contact down there until a condom has been put on. She is not on BC. Anytime I “finish”, I immediately pull out and we both visibally see that the “cum” is in the deposit area thus affirming that the condom was not broken. She hasn’t had her period this month however, she’s about a week late. Should I be concerned? Thank you.

    1. Mero

      If she’s a week late then you could probably use a pregnancy test to make sure but she should be fine.

  41. puja

    in fingering (if first shaking penis in that hand only fingering ) is there a chance of preganancy ?????
    & if she dont have MC last 2Months???

  42. Me

    Can you get pregnant if the guy pulls out but you wipe off the cum off your body and finger yourself.

    1. The “pull out method” is only apx. 70% effective in preventing pregnancy. Use a condom and BC.

  43. Michell

    Hi, on July 6 my boyfriend was fingering me there’s a possiblilty that finger had precum. How likely is it to get pregnant that way? I think I was ovulating I’m not sure anyways two days passed and I got white discharge and then days before my period it became a yeast infection. I got my period two days late on 26-29. I’m really worried because I can’t test right now but it seemed like a normal period to me it had normal flow and alot of small little blood clots anyways…I started feeling Symtoms a week after this I have backaches and nausea and whiteish-clearish discharge that doesn’t stretch. I have been feeling a pulsing on the center or my pelvis. And cramping on right side of my pelvis and everywhere too. Could I be pregnant. Could I still be pregnant? I’m worried because people say they got their period and found out a week later they were pregnant. Please answer as soon as possible.

    1. Why can’t you take a at home pregnancy test? That is the only way to know for sure if you are pregnant or not. With your symptoms and discharge, you may want to see your doctor if it continues.

  44. Paranoid

    So yesterday I was on top of my bf (dry humping) because I was wearing a thong & he had his boxers on. He stopped me because he felt his pre-cum. There was a wet spot on his boxers. I got off & about 15 seconds later he came & it just went through his boxers. I’m paranoid that there could’ve been some sperm in the pre-cum. He said he hadn’t “relieved himself” in a couple days. Is there a chance of that pre-cum having sperm in it?

  45. katie

    I just got my period last August 1. Then i had unprotected sex (really fast. Like he went in and pulled out right away) 8 days after. Then 3 days after, we had unprotected sex again really fast (he went in and went out twice.) no bleeding, nothing painful at all. 4 days after, last night, we didn’t have sex but he fingered me. The morning after, there was a little brown discharge on my underwear. Again, nothing was painful at all. Until now, nothing is painful, not even my vagina, but i am still having this light brown discharge. (Today is August 21) What could this mean?

    1. katie

      by the way, I am on a 28 day cycle and I have no idea how this ovulation works. the discharge on the first day was dark brown (like dried blood) and the succeeding days, it was light brown. until now… please answer :(

  46. Dan

    Hi there, I was wondering could my girlfriend be pregent, we had sex and I did cum inside her I went to pull out but I couldn’t as she was holding me, she went to the tolet right after me cumming Inside her, could you help me my head is all over the place and I can’t stop worrying :(

    1. It’s a common myth that going to the bathroom after sex helps reduce the chance of pregnancy. So yes, she could be pregnant.

  47. Scaredgirl

    So my exboyfriend and i while together messed around, he fingered me. I do not think he had cum on his fingers but i dont 100% remember! Is there Anychance that i could be pregnant? Also if i was i would be roughly 6 months pregnant. Wouldnt i start to feel the baby kick by now?

    1. You would likely know if you are pregnant or not after 6 months from the weight gain, boob swelling, food cravings, morning sickness and 6 months of missed periods…

  48. Scaredgirl

    Is t here a possiblility of getting pregnant from fingering though?

    1. Ben


  49. laiely

    i am jz 15 and my bf is 18 me and my bf lovd each othr we met on 30th augst and he fingered me two times before this meet but i was havng regular periods bt on 30th he just lied on me bt no connection of his penis and my vagina as i didnt allow him he just kissed my body i was conscious nt able to stop was too odd i knw bt nw wt cn i do jz my cloths were lil bit messed as pre cum was on it i thnk bt it waz dry bt i washed tht n remove my cloths bt m worried coz my last MC was 30th july to 3rd augst and nw its 2nd septmbr tll me plzzz m astudious child i knw was it will spoil my life if i gt pregnant i dn wnt 2 suicide my family really lvs mee bt i did dis mstke plll tl mee 2day

  50. Scaredgirl

    Is it possible that someone can even get prego from fingering??????

    1. Rojer

      Do nt wory . Fingering doesnt cause pregnency

  51. Scaredgirl

    Im really scared so i want to know:(

  52. doodles15

    So yesterday my boyfriend and I fooled around a little bit. First we didn’t have sex, we just did oral, and he cummed. He wiped it off and then put his boxers on and we waited 10-15 minutes to have sex. We used a condom but first we put it on inside out. We then turned it out to the right way and what I’m wondering is if the sperm that he wiped off was completely dead because I’m worried the condom got some on it (even though it was wiped off and we waited). He also does not cum inside me ever. So should I worry or no?

  53. Rojer

    I cumed on the underwear of my gf but we did not have sex. Will she get pregnent? Please reply fast.

  54. emily

    Its not hard I’m 17 and pregnant and I got pregnant by precum because he pulled out before he ejaculated boys rap it before you tap it

  55. lucei

    hi… i just touched my penis onto her vagina for a sec and then she gave me handjob after that she got her periods bt now her second period after the incident and it is somewhat late,whts the chance of geting pregnent??
    plz mail me personaly… i am worrying about it.

  56. kayla

    My boyfriend & I had unprotected sex.. he pulled out before he cum & wipe his cum with a towel & went for another round.. what would happen?

  57. Priya Mehta

    I and my bf got little intimate in september but it was just fingering and just touching and with condom but then I had my periods but after that we never met and from last 3 months I am not having my periods….can I get pregnant?

  58. sanjana raoth

    my bf was pressured for sex but I said no to him after that for a few seconds he just rub its penis on my vagina …for this I will get pregnant plz rply I am very tensed…

  59. lovebear

    ok my bf had precum come out of him and then he put it in me, got off my period 8 days ago is there any way i could be pregnat

    1. pretty

      me & my boy friend had unprotected sex on 4th day of my period time. is there any chance to get pregnency. i dont want carry nw. what can i do if get pregnency. for me perios will comes correctly as like 28days.

  60. Nijiko

    Can a girl get pregnant by wiping the vagina with a towel that has semen on it?

    1. Chris

      Not likely, but it is possible. Real question is, why aren’t you using a clean towel down there?

  61. matchless

    We had sex today…
    We had sex continuosly for like 45 minutes..
    She did had an orgasm..
    But i did’nt come,i was really pissed off whe she said i am done

  62. jamaal

    hi …me and my gf was havin unprotected sex..i ejaculated on the outside of her vagina and my cum ran str8 dwn…can she get pregnant?

    1. Mero

      Yes, there is a chance that she could’ve gotten pregnant. If you ejaculate near the vagina even if you didn’t have sex some sperm could’ve still gotten into her vagina so next time I’d be more careful if I were you.

  63. Ben

    Can a girl get pregnant if you were having sex and you felt you were about to cum but you pulled out about 2-3 seconds before you actually Cummed?

  64. natalie

    I had unprotected sex with my bf a little while ago. We preformed mutual oral sexa home then in car we had unprotected sex he preformed oral on me what are the possibilites of me being pregnant? I had protected sex last month the 22nd and im 20 days late.

    1. If you were 20 days late on your period, you need to take a couple in-home pregnancy tests right away.

  65. natalie

    Also my bf didnt finish inside me he said that he might have pre cummed but he preformed oral right after should i worry?

    1. Performing oral after sex doesn’t reduce the chances of becoming pregnant.

  66. Somebody

    Hi, kind of a rookie here and I get anxious really fast when it comes to this stuff. My girlfriend decided she was ready to have sex so we fool around and we started “dry humping” later we had kind of sex, I put on a condom (properly I guess) and I went inside her just half way but she was in pain so I stopped and then we tried again 10 minutes later (I put on another condom) same story. My question is, what’s the chance of pregnancy? I didn’t came and the condom wasn’t broken (I checked) but I know it can be broken without me seeing it, please excuse my lack of skills in English. I’ll appreciate any help.

    1. You didn’t “kind of” have sex, you had sex, so congrats there, pal. You’re likely in the clear, so good job on wearing a condom and even switching it out to a new one in between sessions. Usually when condoms break it’s quite obvious and it takes a lot more thrust that you probably put into it for them to break. Keep it wrapped up and maybe throw in some lube next time to make it a little easier on your girlfriend. Don’t use spit, that’s just for porn.

  67. erlin

    If I was having sex with my girlfriend and I had a condom on and I took my penis out and when I went to put it back in the condom broke but only the head was in and I took it out once I saw it which was right away and I didn’t cum or anything would she be pregnant

    1. yes she could be pregnant no probably not through what do I do with punctuation?

  68. andy

    I’m on birth control for the past 4 months I am now married, my husband and I had sex yesterday without a condom after some time he did insert a condom what are the chances of me being pregnant?

  69. ...

    Okay my boyfriend fingered me right after my period ended. (Two days after). I gave him a handjob but he didnt cum…before he fingered me he had touched his penis. Could this get me pregnant? If he POSSIBLY had precum on his finger while fingering me? Please respond.

  70. Pregnant teen

    To all Teens posting here:
    There is no 100% effective form of BC. Sex only once CAN get you pregnant. Cum or not, You can get pregnant. Gentleman, just wear a condom! Do you want to pay for a baby the next 20 years? Ladies, I am what you don’t want to be. I am 17 and 21 weeks 3 days pregnant. Although I have learned to be happy about the situation, it has been the most difficult thing in my life. My Dad constantly screamed at me daily until I moved in with my mother. She dropped me back off at my dad’s two weeks later at 12 at night. My dad told me I can’t live there. I moved in with my boyfriend. His mother was a terrible drunk who constantly bullied me, and stand my boyfriend would’ve made would’ve resulted in her calling her boyfriend to threaten and possibly fight him. She called my father after 2 months and told him if he doesn’t get me, she’s putting me on the streets. I live with my father now and haven’t seen my boyfriend in a month. We’ve talked three times over the phone, half an hour at most each time. He got a job and is getting a car. You think you can do it? You can’t. I will have to miss a month and a half of my senior year. I don’t know how I will keep u my grades, graduate, and support my child. I was on the depo shot when my daughter was conceived. That was the second time my boyfriend and I didn’t use a condom. Now we’re expecting a child when we’ve been together only a year and a half. To the virgin boys, you think it wont happen with your first? My boyfriend lost his virginity to me a year ago. He’s currently 18. Don’t think it won’t happen. Everything is harder than just the fact that there will be a baby. Imagine little to no sleep for months. Imagine not knowing what your home is. Imagine struggling with money. Babies use AT LEAST 8 diapers a day. Girls, you think breastfeeding is gross? Do you know the cost of formula? You think your family will get over it? You think you boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s will help/ support you? My boyfriend’s mom used to adore me, now she tells me to my face that she hates me. My parents say they won’t help me, my grandpa can’t even look at me, my dad used to be my best friend, no longer. Speaking of friends, expect them all to turn against you. I have lost almost all of my friends. My whole school is talking about me behind my back, writing it on bathroom walls that I am a dumb whore. I don’t have a single F on my report card. I’ve been with one guy the past year plus. If you think this won’t be hard, your wrong. Seeing some of the questions, spelling, and grammar in these comments, I can say you really need to worry more about school than sex. To all the young couples in love, I understand that you feel it’ll make you closer, but a baby will stress that relationship. USE BIRTHCONTROL, WEAR A CONDOM! THIS CAN CHANGE YOUR WHOLE LIFE!

    1. Mero

      Thank you for sharing your story. I hope people learn from your mistakes and be more cautious about their sex life so they don’t have to feel the pain you feel. I’m sorry about your situation but you can still get an abortion right now but after a month it’d be a dangerous operation. I suggest you take advantage of modern technology and get your life back on track.

  71. Stephanie

    Wat happens if you just pee right after he cums inside

    1. Mero

      Nothing, you pee from a different hole.

  72. Hello

    My boyfriend and I had protected sex and I am not on birth control. We didn’t notice any holes or tears in he condom, but about 2 days later I’ve began feeling queezy and have been for about 5 days now. Also I’ve just started feeling cramps (my periods are irregular so I don’t know if they are menstrual cramps) could I be pregnant?

    1. Mero

      If you’re boyfriend was wearing the condom properly and there weren’t any tears in the condom I don’t believe you’re pregnant but you should check with a pregnancy test for reassurance. Remember a pregnancy test is only affective after a week or later so if you took a test right after you two had sex the results probably weren’t accurate.

  73. Angela

    Hi.. Me and my boyfriend had a humping last Saturday (28th June 2014). He was rubbing his penis over my vagina..and mistakenly inserted little of his pensi tip inside.. I screamed out of scare and he pulled the small part instantly out..he was rubbing his penis and suddenly i realized he came over my vagina..I immediately went to bathroom and washed it all..but I am scared because cuming over my V…can I get pregnant in this condition..I had abdominal pain yesterday morning.. I am expecting my period on 1st Jule or 3rd July as each month it delays 2 days(only last month it came after 28days- 31st May)…

    I am really scared….Please help….

    1. Angela

      Please respond…it is really very important..for me..

      1. Mero

        Yes, there is a chance of pregnancy. If he came near your vagina or on it semen can still get into the vagina even if you two didn’t have sex. Although it’s probably much too late for the Morning-after pill I advise you keep an eye out for pregnancy signs until about a week later when you can use a pregnancy test.

  74. Angelo

    i inserted my penis inside my girlfriend but i didnt cum and she is a virgin… will she get pregnant?

    1. Isaiah

      One shes not a virgin anymore,and there is a possibility but it may have been reduce if you used a condom and she uses BC. If your really worried suggest for her to have a pregnancy test.

  75. Xander

    Me and my girlfriend had sex in the morning when i woke up but the night before we also had sex but i ejaculated both times outside of her and i fell asleep last night without cleaning can she get pregnant with the old come?? Pleaz comment

  76. Alyssa

    Okay so me and my boyfriend had sex while I was on my period and before I was on my period as well. We did not use a condom but he said he was nowhere close to cumming. I’m on birthcontrol and have been for about a year. Should I consider taking a pregnancy test? My periods are weird with the pill they always come late and last longer than they should and I haven’t really started yet so I’m kinda freakin out.

  77. jennyifer

    can i be pregunat if my boyfriend got on top of me and he was wear gym shorts and i was wearing leggings but we didnt have sex at all ?

  78. Emmy

    I know there’s a very low chance at pregnancy, and I’m pretty sure it won’t happen, but my boyfriend and I did a little finger foreplay the other night and we got a little too frisky. We didn’t have a condom, and the heat of the moment just took over (what can I say? Human nature makes us want to fuck ;) *insert “The Bad Touch” soundtrack here lol*). He didn’t penetrate, but there was a little pre-cum and I was wet- skin-to-skin. I’ve been on BC for close to three years and changed five times due to my PCOS. My BC is a very high dosage, and I still have irregular periods and rare ovulation cycles. It took place two days after my three day period and technically I shouldn’t be ovulating for at least another week, but you know. We don’t plan on getting too intimate too often. We’re both nineteen, and we’ve got responsibilities that we have to attend to right now. If I feel this might actually happen, I’m planning on taking the day after pill. This is just a warning to young couples: anything can happen. Like Chris said multiple times, if you do the deed or almost do, there is a chance that you could be a parent very soon. Be safe and be smart.

  79. My boyfriend and i had sex for the first time (both) on the 22nd and we used a condom,he never cummed and the condom never broke nor tore. He pulled out to make sure it wasnt breaking. A week later i got my conpletely regular period not sure why but ive just been a bit worried that i may be pregnant and want to know if its possible or what my chances are? And if there is a chance is it too late to take a test?

  80. Emily D'souza

    Yesterday I and my bf did dry humping. We had our clothes on(t-shirts & lowers/pyjamas).. During outercourse, he rubbed his penis against my vagina(Clothes were not removed during the session, not even once). We were both standing during all this. But a few times I felt as if he had tried to put his cock inside. When he was about to ejaculate, he separated from me and came in his clothes. And we carried on later. Though all the time we were standing and had clothes, he(from inside his lower) tried to get his penis in me(for more pleasure). I fear if I could get pregnant coz I only wore my pyjamas(not my innerwear)… Tell if sperms can travel this way too, from clothes? I am scared.. Do I have the chances of being pregnant?

    Plz tell if there is any such possibility of my being pregnant… I beg you sir, plz answer..

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