How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is Pregnant in 6 Seconds

Think your girlfriend is pregnant? Or did your girlfriend tell you she is pregnant? Is your girlfriend really pregnant or faking it to see your reaction? Is it yours? How can you tell if she’s telling the truth or not? What are the symptoms? What do I do? Am I trapped?

Slow down, hoss.  If you suspect your mattress mambo mate might be pregnant, here are the early warning signs that she could be pregnant.

Top 6 Early Warning Signs Your Girlfriend is Pregnant:

Ejaculate -You had unprotected sex, gave her your best “O” face and she isn’t on any form of birth control. Fast forward a little and she tells you that she missed her period.  Do the math – is she really late? A day or two doesn’t matter, but after a week I’d say you probably need to start checking for the following signs.

Swollen breasts – She complains of (or you can visually see) that her breasts are swollen and her nipples are uber sensitive. This can also happen during a normal menstrual cycle and with fluctuating hormones, but is often the first noticeable sign of pregnancy.

Excessive fatigue – beyond just being lazy. If she takes naps at the drop of a hat like a narcoleptic, she could be pregnant due to low blood sugar levels.

Morning sickness – this can start anywhere between the 2nd and 8th week, but usually around the 6th. The rising levels of estrogen cause the stomach to empty slowly and become more sensitive to smells which contribute to the waves of nausea they may experience.

Ice cream and ramen – she has random food cravings and aversions. She craves strange food combinations she normally doesn’t eat or even the thought or smell of certain foods makes her sick to her stomach. Ever heard the phrase, “are you eating for two?” or “damn, son! You eat like a pregnant lady!” This is why.

Bladder control onslaught - increased urination, especially within the first few days of conception is common. Tally up her bathroom breaks.

If your girlfriend is consistently showing any of these signs above, you could have a pregnant girlfriend on your hands. She could also just be a normal teenager that sleeps constantly, always craves junk food and drinksa lot so she has to pee every 20 minutes. So, here’s a few other tricks to truly find out if your girlfriend is pregnant:

  • Check her birth control pills. Is she on the correct date? If it’s Friday and the pill container still says Tuesday, you might have a problem – or that your girlfriend doesn’t know what day of the week it is.
  • Check the trash for pregnancy tests. Chances are they aren’t her mom’s.
  • Did she say she missed her period? Check the trash again for any used tampons.
  • Check her computer and phone’s internet browsing history. Did she Google “how to tell if you are pregnant?” Are there any clues on her Facebook or Twitter…like saying she thinks she may be pregnant or started pinning cute baby things on her Pinterest? It might be that obvious. Don’t be a stalker, just see if there is anything suspicious.
  • Is she being royally moody, more than usual? Increased hormone levels + stress + her knowing she’s pregnant and keeping it a secret = mood swings that resemble those of a bi-polar lunatic.

The only way to truly tell if you have pregnant girlfriend is to for her to take one or two home pregnancy tests. You can buy these tests at any grocery or convenience store, or order them online. They come with simple instructions on how to properly administer the test to avoid any false positives. These tests are urine tests and are typically 97-99.9% accurate.

Ideally, you want her to take the test at least a week after her missed period and in the morning, before she eats or drinks. This will provide the most accurate results.  Finally, see a doctor for blood tests, which are nearly 100% accurate. At this point, you are going to want to start thinking about the right action to take with your now pregnant girlfriend.

How did you find out your girlfriend was pregnant?

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  1. Stephen

    Well this certainly helps, thx for the info. Looks like I have some investigating to do!

    1. Valle

      she may not want to hear what u have to say but in the end she will thank you! just be there for her for EVERYTHING. be sweet. dont get iaritrted even tho it may be hard not to! and tell her u love her as much as possible! Good Luck!

  2. Jake

    My girlfriend and I had unpertected sex like 2 or 3 weeks ago now she miss this months period she took a home test an it said niggitive I did not cum we only had sex for like 7 to 10 minute then we stop because we didn’t won’t her to get prego I pulled my penis out because we moved to a different possion I heard if you excpose your cemon to air it die? so if I had any pre cemon on my tip would it have died? I’m 14 an she is 16 I’m very scraded because I am to young to have a baby she’s had sex before unpertected with amonther guy when she was 13 she did not get pregnat so why would she might get pregnat with me? What would be the diffence? she said her period is random sometimes she’s had it early an she’s bad it late but I’m really scared please somebody help me please!!! Thank you

    1. Jake, first off congrats on bagging a 16 year old when you are 14. Let’s clear some things up first.

      1) She can get pregnant if you do not cum.
      2) The amount of time you have sex does not matter.
      3) Pulling out is only 70% effective in preventing pregnancy.
      4) Semen does not instantly die if it is exposed to air.
      5) Your spelling is horrific.
      6) Always, always, always use two forms of birth control. At least a condom.

      There are people who have unprotected sex many times and the women never gets pregnancy and then there is the people that get pregnant the first time. It’s a toss up. There isn’t much you can do now. She should wait a week and take another pregnancy test.

    2. Daniela

      Yes, you definitely need to re-test! This is an issue if the baby’s feahtr is Rh+, which is most likely the case. Your first baby could be Rh+ and when your blood mixes with that of your baby during delivery, your immune system produces antibodies against Rh negative blood type. Your baby is fine before 28 weeks and if you are really Rh- you and you never received Rh-immuno-globulin you will be closely monitored and may need exchange transfusions.PS: make sure you get the facts next time because if they made a mistake, they may not want to admit it for fear of been charged for malpractice.

  3. Brandon

    Alright, so my girlfriend and I have been having sex. a lot. Both sex addicts I guess you could say. Unprotected. I pull out before I Ejaculate. But there was one time when I put my penis back In because we were both still horned up. She hasnt had her period for about a month now. she took a pregnancy test the other day but it was from the doller store, which I’m quessing it’s not so accurate. She keeps saying her breasts are getting bigger, which I may agree. They have been growning a bit. Not to sure if they are tender. I’m just a little worried. I cant tell if she is Pregnet or not. Or if she is just having lady problems.

    1. Brandon,

      Pay more than $1 for a pregnancy test. Take two at home and if they are both positive, go to a doctor to confirm. Also, see a therapist for your sex addiction. Even addicts wear condoms.

  4. Benjamin

    So my girl and I were messing around and I came. I cleaned it off with a towel and actually went in her but just as far as my tip and stopped.Few days later she supposedly felt the pains as if her period was coming but hasnt gotten it, it has been a week since I put my penis tip in her, could she be pregnant?

    1. Benjamin,

      Yes. Since it’s been past a week, I recommend grabbing a couple pregnancy tests and start praying to whatever god you choose. If you’re an atheist, convert temporarily.


  5. Tommy

    Hi my girls complaining of tummy aches nd headaches but I had sex with her 3 weeks ago with a condom on but I’m really scared cos I’m only 16 can somebody help thanks

    1. Tommy – Props for using a condom. Those are symptoms for a million things, but you should have her take a couple in-home pregnancy tests if there is any worries. My biggest concern? You last had sex 3 weeks ago. Married people have sex more frequent than that.

  6. Chris

    Kind of having the same problem my girlfriend sleeps late she complains about her stomach hurts and she feels weak and she is honestly gaining a little weight

  7. Anonymous

    So my girlfriend and I haven’t had sex in the past month, we’ve just done hand/mouth stuff. I occasionally would slip my thing in and then pull out after only a couple thrusts, just to tease her because we have no condoms and I was afraid of precum getting in her. But she was supposed to have her period a week ago and she hasn’t had it yet. She says she gets occasional cramps but I’m worried because I’m only 17 and my father would kill me if she was. Is she pregnant or just a late/missed period?
    Oh, she has had late periods before, but at most they were 3 days late.

    1. Hey genius,

      I suggest playing “just the tip” next time. Go get a at home pregnancy test, the results should be pretty accurate since she is a week late now. Don’t worry about getting a box of condoms, there’s a good chance she is already pregnant and luckily you can’t thrust your way to getting her pregnant a second time.

      - Chris

  8. clara

    Hello, to all you bastards.

    May I just ask a question?
    First, of all why were you having sex out of marriage? I understand the want for it, but in reality, you don’t want your girlfriend to get pregnant.

    Please if your girlfriend is pregnant, do not leave her, because it takes two to create something that’s a gift from god.

    Bless y’all.


    1. Bren

      The fact of the matter is people are having sex out of marriage because we don’t live in the1940′s anymore and people can’t afford nor wait to get married to have sex, I don’t know the statistics, but marriages in this day and age do not work nor last for longer then 2 years, thanks to social networking sites “etc” making it so easy for peoples to give up on there commitment, and move on to the next parter, Its a dam shame but this is the way of life now, so I think you and an1 else need to move with the times and except this is the world we live in, a sex/drugs/lazy filled place, peaaaace love and tranquility

    2. keinemoniker

      aside from the the religious factor that clara thrust onto the plate god has nothing to do with…if you’re man enough even to put your dick in a woman you should be man enough to raise the child that comes as result…love the women you sleep with..and if it the children you create for the continue on when we’re gone ;)

  9. jensen

    So me and my girl had sex about 5 days ago and i didnt wear protection and now she is saying she is feeling sick and her stomach doesnt feel good and she has been saying she has had a headache lately and feels dizzy. What does that mean!! I dont know if she has missed her period or not. How would i tell if she is pregrant or not!!

  10. jensen

    She did ask me like a day ago when the last time we had sex and i said about 3 days ago but she wont say y she asked that!! could she being saying she might be pregrant.

  11. Javon

    Me & my girl have been having sex a lot & she hasent had. Her period in 2 months could she be pregnant?

    1. Ryan

      …..Tha seems very likely if its been 2 months……

  12. clara

    To javon….uhhh yes she could definitely. I’d suggest to take a test and look for signs .

  13. jennaveve

    As Daniel Bryan says “NO, NO, NO, NO..” My issue with this article is why would you encourage trash rummagingo on an adventure for tampons. Wrap it up to begin with, or simply go to the doctor if you suspect.

  14. ricky

    i had sex with my gf on 1 day of her period,and we had unprotected sex.There After 12 days of act she got her 2 period in same there any chance of her getting pregnant ?

    1. Ricky, there is ALWAYS a chance.

  15. Ryan

    I just had unprotected sex with my girlfriend today and she was on top. I told her when i was about to “come” and she still wouldnt get off even when i tried to make her and wouldnt get off til i came :/ Im onnly 15 and my life will be ruined forever if she is pregnant. I dont know what to do….PELASE HELP

  16. No name

    i feel like a complete retard for asking stuff like this because its not right to have sex yet but of course thats not what goes through my mind when me and my girlfriend. we have had sex a couple times but every time i of course pull out before i ejaculate we did not use a condom any of the times (dumbest thing in the world) but she is still having normal periods and its been weeks and months after it would just be nice to get some feedback on tips and making sure if she is pregnet or not do you think i should buy pregnancy tests yet or wait a few more weeks when her next period roles around please help thanks.

  17. Blayne

    i had sex with my girlfriend without a condom, and i came inside her, and it was a lot, but her parents put her on the shot for this reason, and we both are worried about her being pregnant, we had sex twice no condom, and came in her both time.. sooo.. D:

  18. Aurinesh

    I had sex with my girlfriend a couple of days ago. It most definately was not the smartest thing to, considering it was completely unprotected sex. I didn’t come inside, for every time i felt myself close to orgasm i just “pulled it out” relaxed, cleant the glans for any semen that might be in the tip of the urethra, and went back to it. We had tons of fun, and this went on for about two hours. Yet, for some reason now i’m having a paranoia attack. It isn’t the first time we do this, but we don’t do it every day, or every week, or even every month. Two days after this she’s not having any of the symptons i read on the web, but today she felt like waking up early, and get dressed pretty, although she wasn’t going out, she just “wanted to be pretty”. I do not know whether this might be related to her period or pregnancy, but it is quite unusual in her.

    Maybe i’m being paranoic, but i can’t help it. We’ve been together for 11 months, and i’m still underage (17).

    Please, could anyone let me know i’m just being paranoid? Or maybe i should go ahead and buy a pregnancy test (Wev’e still got time for a “morning after” pill)? She says she doesn’t think she could be, and she might dislike it a bit if i got her a pregnancy test.
    Gosh, what should i do?

  19. Krissy

    Okay, so me and my boyfriend of 5 months had unprotected sex two days ago because we ran out of condoms. He stopped out of no where and as soon as he stuck it out, he came. It was all over his pants, but I’m not sure if any of it got inside me considering it was a lot when he pulled out. I have sore breasts, but I’m not supposed to get my period until next month. I’m supposed to ovulate next week, what are my chances of being pregnant? Please help, I’m only 15.

    1. First rule of having sex: take your pants off. Second rule of having sex: use a condom and birth control. Third rule of having sex: take a in-home pregnancy test if you suspect you may be pregnant one week after having intercourse.

  20. Bruce

    So my gf and I have been together for almost 3 years now and have been having unprotected sex frequently for about 1 1/2 years… She’s been bitchy lately and I know her cycle, she already had her period….even after she gets her period is it still possible she could be pregnant? Shes showing a lot of other signs like cravings, nausea, frequent use of the bathroom and such so i’m just trying to make sure. She’s dead set on the fact that she’s not too so she won’t take a home test.

    1. She’s likely pregnant and scared to tell you. You can be pregnant and still have your normal period. Ask her to take a test just to ensure the proper health of the baby is taken care of in case it is a positive test.

  21. Misty

    Hi um me and my bf have been having unprotected sex since his 18 bday in dec. he always pulled out before he came. And i got my period last month but this month i havent and im getting backaches and lazyness. He was my first and im his too so we are scared shitless. Help? :/

  22. Mackenzie

    My boyfriend actually sent me a link for this site then proceeded to tell me im probably pregnant. Thaanks for the useful info you gave him lol

  23. Olga

    I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on Jan 25th 2013. On the 28th of Jan 2013 I took Plan B. I had my period on Feb 9th but it was light. On Feb 16th I started using birth control the one that is with injection. Thats my first time using it, before it was only condoms. My worry is that I been feeling weird lately. I´m wondering is it possible that I can be pregnant?

  24. Rico

    Hello Chris, I am 15 years old and me and my girlfriend have had sex almost 50 times. I hope that doesn’t sound to bad but she got on her period 4 days ago and she just told me she thinks she is off. I don’t understand why she thinks she would be off this early. Her last period lasted for almost 2 weeks and it concerns me on how she got off so early. Please tell me what might be happening if you know. I really need your help on this one. I have a good relationship with her family and having a child at this age would demolish the relationship i have with them. I am willing to own up to be a father but i just want to know what’s going on. Please respond

    1. Know that there is no “owning up” to be a father. You can’t force yourself to be one if you are not ready to be. Read the “Big Decision” page. Chances are, if she had her period you are in the clear. It could be lighter than normal for many reasons. The only way to tell is to take a couple in-home pregnancy tests.

  25. Angel

    Hey my name is angel my girlfriend period skiped for 10days now she been having some symptoms suck as stomach pain sore nipples and more but today she started bleeding what does that mean? Also last night we had sex and I went alil to deep do you think that can be the reason? We also took pregnancy test but they cam out negative I don’t understand she missed her period for 10 days now she started bleeding what the hell is going on please help me

    1. Could have simply been a late period or possibly a miscarriage. It would be best for her to see a doctor if she is in discomfort or the bleeding continues.

  26. Justin

    Hi Chris. I’m 17 and i was just wondering since my girlfriend and I never had sex, but I would only rub my penis on his vagina and i also make sure the tip of my penis isn’t wet or doesn’t have precum. She’s an irregular, so sometimes she has her period once in 2 months or once in a month. 2 days ago we only did rubbing, and she’s a bit worried on what if it gets her pregnant. I’m just scared that the rubbing will lead to pregnancy and i really can’t afford her to be pregnant. Please respond.

    1. Justin – just put a condom on and stick it in (with her permission of course). A girl I knew got pregnant from having anal sex and having semen drip down into her vagina – so yes, it is possible she can get pregnant by what you are doing and will cause a major case of blue balls.

  27. Ankush

    i had a sex with my girlfriend before 1 month and now her period is missing bt i have used condom..then y her period is missing bt she is saying i havent felt any thing or symptom till now (in 1 month)..plz tell me is she pregnant or not ………..we r confused………….

    1. Ankush – Do they have in-home pregnancy tests in India? If she is over one week late on her period, it is possible she is pregnant. Getting a pregnancy test is the only way to know for sure.

  28. Carter

    Hey, I had sex with my girlfriend the first time I used a condom and the second time was around January and now she’s complaining of pain in heart breast and she says she has gain a little weight since then also she goes to the restroom 5-8x a day. I’m only 14 and I regret doing anything I was stupid and foolish I can’t do this I’m not ready to be a father but if she is pregnant I’m gonna be the best damn dad the boy will ever have, I’ve seen the kids without parents I can’t do that to a baby. I just need help can anyone tell me or take a educated guess to i shes pregnant or not

  29. sherwin

    Hey my girlfriend is 16 and I’m 17 she is now 3 months pregnant and I’m happy about it…it was not a mistake and you guys having unprotected sex should know better….so you better prepare yourself….for being a father goodluck

  30. josh

    im 18 and my girl is 16 we have had sex alot and i never pull out or use a condom she is on birth control but is 4 days late on her period she thinks she is pregnant but she has taken two tests and they both say negative she wants to get pregnant do you think she is

    1. Does it matter? Either way it is statutory rape. She wants to get pregnant at 16? That’s a whole lot of underage crazy. Pull out, pray she isn’t pregnant and bang chicks that can legally buy cigarettes.

  31. stressed out

    I’m 16 my gf is also 16 I’m suspecting she is pregnant because she gained a little bit of weight is it just because its winter ? Her boobs got a little bid bigger. we normaly have sex 4 time a week sometimes un protected because of. Birth control shots but mostly protected … I ejaculated in her a few time and I’m like really stressed out . We can’t buy pregnancy tests coz its like a really small town everybody knows everybody … Please reply

  32. Yoooo

    The first time my ex and i did it was unpretected and that was like october or november 2012, and she did have any type of pregnancy warnings nor did she become pregnant. Then the last time we had sex(unprotected) was like early march or late february 2013, and she told me just yesterday that shes a month out(watever that means). Thing is she broke up wit me and went wit some other guy, but i have no clue wat went on between them. Now i guess they have broken up, and i guess she think shes prenant…im not really sure about anything, especially if it is mine. Plz help!!!!!!!

    1. She needs a pregnancy test and you will need a DNA test to prove paternity. If she’s had more than one cock in her hen house if you know what I mean, you’ll want to find out for sure who the father is, if in fact she is prego.

  33. Dana

    So me and my boyfriend has had sex for a while now, but not a lot. And i was suppose to get my period already and i havent gotten it. I spot once in a while but nothing like a normal period to me. My boobs hurt all the time. They have gotten a little bigger. I have really bad stomach pains And my stomach is sort of hard. What does that mean? I havent taken a test yet. Im inly 15 with my birthday in a week. My boyfriend is concered and so am i. What do we do?

    1. You know exactly what you are supposed to do, you are just afraid of doing it. If you are over 5 days past due for your normal period, go get two home pregnancy tests and take them. Then, if you are pregnant, go see a doctor to confirm. If you aren’t pregnant, go see a doctor to see why your hormones are being crazy.

  34. Just me

    Allllright, here’s my story Chris .. I was on birth control for a month until I ran out, while I was taking them I missed them for 3 days and I started my period immediately after those 3 days. I started taking them again until I ran out a week later. A week in a half after I ran out I went to the health department to get more and they told me to wait until I had another period to start taking the birth control they gave me. Well, my period came around and only lasted 4 days. I didn’t have my birth control on hand to be able to take them. I had sex a couple times before my period and once the day after my period and know he finished but didn’t pull out and again the next day and he still didn’t pull out. I now have a fever and my head hurts, I’ve been having to go piss literally every 30 minutes and I have developed the need to burp a lot. Being the nervous person I am and only 18, just the thought of not knowing what to do is causing me to lose my appetite. But when I am hungry I eat things like corn dogs and dorritos dipped in vanilla cake icing. I think the odds are against me but can you help?

    1. I think you know the answer to your own question…

      You didn’t mention if you have missed your period or not, but either way head to your local corner store, pick up some more Doritos and a couple pregnancy tests. My advice? Do not try dipping the pregnancy test in your vanilla cake icing.

  35. Hey Chris

    I can use your help please! Me and my girlfriend had sex several times and all with a condom on too. I’m only 17 so I’m just worried she can get pregnant when I come inside her but with a condom on, the semen was still in there when I took it off too. She said her stomach was hurting after we were done and little things like that just worries me? We had sex the day after her period but she rarely gets them anyways. Idk I guess I’ll have to see if she gets her period or not?

    1. IF the semen is still in the condom there is a 99.9% chance you are fine. Cheers to being smart, mate!

  36. Jake

    So my girlfriend and I had sex last week about on Thursday or Friday and the condom broke, so I went to Walgreens and bought the Plan B pill, which she took. Then Yesterday we had sex again and I came in the condom and everything was fine, but she kept riding for a bit after I came (10 seconds about) when she finally stopped I pulled out and the condom slipped off and was in her vagina. I am very scared that she could be pregnant and don’t know what to do. Would the Plan B pill work still from Thursday/Friday to now?

  37. Babygirl

    Well I had a tuboligation and a partial hysterectomy and was told I couldn’t have anymore kids but me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex for almost 6 months and now I’m gaining weight a lot, eating more than I used to and I’m really moody. To top that off I have all the signs and lots of movement too. Is it possible I am pregnant? This would be my 5th baby and it feels like a baby moving in there. Also I have taken cheap tests and all of them were faulty. The last one I took said negative but 3 hrs later said positive…? I’m confused with that. Please help me if you can. Thanks

    1. You feel a movement in your stomach and you’re really questioning if you’re pregnant? Go to the doctor, really.

  38. bliss

    My friend had sex with her girlfriend doing one of period and nothing happen and the next period came yet she sees it follow by the next two but lately she complain of stomach pain and west pain so am asking if there is any possible chance been pregnant.

  39. M1531

    i am in a very scary situation…
    My gf had her periods last on 27th august…then on 12th september, she gave me a HJ…maybe she got a bit of pre-ejaculate on her fingers…and say about 5 minutes later she went to the washroom to pee…she tld me she isnt sure if she touched her vagina…but mostly she has not touched…can the sperms in pr-ejaculate dry off like going from the tip to the fingers and then say 5 minutes later when she opened the door to the door knob then the jeans…can it cause any pregnancy..?? And maybe she did ovulate during that time…please help

  40. richie

    I had sex with my girl once and she took a pill after that but started bleeding hours later. I made her stop taking the pill but I don’t know .will she get pregnant after that?

  41. Will

    Chris, man if u can give me any advice, please let me know, I’m going crazy. My girlfriend and I have not been able to have sex because I have a big penis and she is a virgin, it could never get in. We did a lot of rubbing/grinding. A week ago, i cummed on her pussy. we wiped it off and this week which is meant to be the day for her period, she is like 2 days late. we’ve not seen any symptoms of any kind. we don’t know where how to get her tested seeing that we are in a foriegn country and Mate I’m shitting on meself. Please tell me smth if u can. thanks so much for all the work u putting through.

  42. Christian

    I need some answers here fellas.

    My girlfriend and I have had quite alot of intercourse recently, but we ALWAYS have used a condom. Come the week of her period, we were very discouraged to find out that she missed it. However, since we both used our heads before actually doing sex, we did our research on pregnancy.
    She shows no signs of pregnancy, but her period hasnt come and its been a couple of days thus far.
    We’re getting a test just to give us peace of mind that its just her period being late, but I would like an answer if you dont mind before hand so that the anxiety isnt as bad.

    1. Hey Christian, if she’s only a couple days late there isn’t much reason to panic. If it goes past a week, then it’s pregnancy test time. If your anxiety is getting the best of you, you may want to read my post and recommendations on getting a handle on anxiety.

  43. Carlos

    Hi, my name is Carlos. I just had like a 3 minute sex session with my girlfriend. But I didn’t ejaculate. I don’t know if the precum came into play. What do I do?

    1. First, apologize to your girlfriend for only lasting 3 minutes. Second, go to the store and buy a box of condoms for your next 3-minute session. Lastly, relax until your girlfriend misses her period.

  44. My girlfriend and I had Sex, condom broke and I finishes inside her, she then said she’s ovulating, she’s about 3 going on 4 weeks late on her period. She’s really moody and recently broke up with me. She said that she skippes periods every now and then… What should I do? What does this mean?

  45. So my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex three days ago. And my lower stomach has been killing me. But it is very often. We had unprotected sex again last night and my lower stomach hurt really badly. I don’t know if I’m pregnant or not. My period won’t come for another 2-3 weeks. Should I take a pregnancy test or what should I do?? I’m scared to death and so is my boyfriend. Help me please!!

  46. Frederick

    Anything is possible! Go see your doc, the thing about stpmyoms is; having hardly no stpmyoms can be normal because it’s so early in the pregnancy that it might not really affect you at this point, but you can also make yourself believe quite easily that you have all the stpmyoms or that every little thing is a symptom. Don’t leave too much up to chance, just call your doctor, they will do a test for you if you honestly believe you could be pregnant, and if their urine test doesn’t work, they can do a blood test if they believe you are pregnant, according to your stpmyoms recent cycle activity. Was this answer helpful?

  47. Isreal

    First of all I have been dating a new girl and we both had unprotecting sex since Saturday early morning of January 5 2013 after we meet that friday night & i have been having more unprotecting sex since now, we have not went to see a doctor or she has not taking no birth control pills ever since this week it’s Friday January 18 2013. I think I’m going to become a father all over again I’ve a child from my previous last relationship and she is 7. My girlfriend is 22 & I’m 31. she might be pregnant and i know she doesn’t know but Folk’s sex is good but look at this way, we learn from our mistakes & just love that person and treat her like a queen be polite and show her that you’ll love her…

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