Child Support 101: Your Options and Obligations as a Single Dad

Having to pay child support can be compared to the scene in Fight Club where Brad Pitt's character pours acid on Edward Norton's hand to induce a nasty chemical burn. Norton begs and pleads to make it stop, Pitt forces him to "stay with the pain" and in an eerily calm manner states, "it's only after [...]


Deciding Child Custody and How It’ll Change Your Child

The absolute biggest issue overlooked by unmarried parents is child custody. Establishing paternity and custody of the child shortly after your baby is born can save you from a great deal of issues in the near future. In this post I'll be covering what your basic options are and how to execute them. Establishing paternity [...]


Clearing the Air: Perceptions about Negative Experiences

Before this website went online, there wasn't a single resource out there for people in my situation who wanted more than just an outlet to vent or to join the men's rights circle jerk. Why was nobody talking about this? Why did so many dads start something but appear to abandon it? Did they give [...]


Manning Up is for Girls

There is no such thing as a real man. "Manning up" does not exist. Being a man in today's world can be confusing. Our fathers and their fathers spent their days smoking cigars, drinking whiskey neats, "reading" Playboy and grooming their beards - or something to that effect. They were raised by men, taught by [...]


Three Tips for Dealing with Your Baby’s Daddy

Katie Parsons is the creator of Mumbling Mommy, a blog written by a community of parents across the country. Katie became unexpectedly pregnant after a one-nighter and has gone on to raise her own "oops baby" without the father's involvement. Her story shows the perspective from a woman having doubts about her pregnancy and becoming a mom [...]


Child Support 101: Beating the “Deadbeat Dad” Stigma for Good

The single biggest frustration I've encountered while learning how to live as a non-custodial parent (a.k.a. single dad), has been dealing with my local child support enforcement agency and adapting to paying my ex her child support payments - both from a financial standpoint and also a psychological one. I'm willing to bet the majority [...]

My “Oops! Baby” Huffington Post Live Breakdown

A few days ago I was invited to be a guest on the Huffington Post's live broadcast network, HuffPost Live. I joined three other guests to discuss how our "Oops! Baby" affected and changed our lives - for better or worse. This was my first opportunity to be on a live broadcast and I'll be [...]


The Brian Banks Story, Equality and When False Accusers Go Free

You can argue that Brian Banks lost a large part of his life when he was wrongfully accused of rape when he was only 16 years old. Banks was a NFL-hopeful and had an offer on the table to attend USC on a full ride football scholarship along with being scouted by several other schools. [...]

2013 Arizona Child Custody Law Changes: Good For Who?

Some of the 2013 Arizona child custody law changes went into effect on January 1st of this year which is particularly interesting since they have remained mostly unchanged for some time now. I reside in the Sunshine State of Arizona (the REAL sunshine state, it's hotter here than Florida) so this website automatically gets preference to what [...]

How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is Pregnant in 6 Seconds

Think your girlfriend is pregnant? Or did your girlfriend tell you she is pregnant? Is your girlfriend really pregnant or faking it to see your reaction? Is it yours? How can you tell if she's telling the truth or not? What are the symptoms? What do I do? Am I trapped? Slow down, hoss.  If you suspect [...]