#HowToDad as Portrayed by Cheerios Ad is a Win

We know that dads are awesome, but sometimes the media likes to say differently. Well, a refreshing new Cheerios ‪#‎howtodad‬ campaign aims to portray fathers as the heroes they actually are. Dads have not seen themselves portrayed positively in advertising for quite some time. To this day, companies like Lowe’s (and LG, and many others) [...]

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How I Make Better Decisions by Getting Better Sleep

Why do we say, "let me sleep on it" when faced with making a major decision? Scientists at the University of Rochester seem to think it's because during sleep, our bodies "clean" our brains, which affects everything in our bodies the next morning - from our metabolism, physiology, energy and digestion. Our bodies can't maintain our brains while [...]

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Legal Jargon is Simple, Not Scary

How many of us have faced a paralyzing fear when you were served legal papers or opened up a certified letter containing pages of legal documents? It happened to me every time I was served legal papers and for years I avoided my own mailbox out of fear of receiving another notice or summons. You only [...]

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Focusing on the Big Win: Owning Your Thoughts & Killing Anxiety

When going through any civil or criminal court proceedings, especially child custody hearings, you are constantly bombarded with statements of how awful of a person you are. It hurts, like salt in an open wound. You hear how allegedly unfit you are to be a parent. How you could never responsibly raise a child. Every little [...]

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4 Reasons to Choose Single Parenting – Guest Post by Katie Parsons

This is a guest blog post by Katie Parsons, head mama and author over at Mumbling Mommy. I met Katie while on a panel on HuffPost Live discussing our stories of unexpectedly being enrolled into the school of parenthood. The last post she wrote for me, Three Tips on Dealing With Your Baby Daddy, was one of [...]

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