Focusing on the Big Win: Owning Your Thoughts & Killing Anxiety

When going through any civil or criminal court proceedings, especially child custody hearings, you are constantly bombarded with statements of how awful of a person you are. It hurts, like salt in an open wound. You hear how allegedly unfit you are to be a parent. How you could never responsibly raise a child. Every little [...]

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4 Reasons to Choose Single Parenting – Guest Post by Katie Parsons

This is a guest blog post by Katie Parsons, head mama and author over at Mumbling Mommy. I met Katie while on a panel on HuffPost Live discussing our stories of unexpectedly being enrolled into the school of parenthood. The last post she wrote for me, Three Tips on Dealing With Your Baby Daddy, was one of [...]

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Your Child Support Options and Obligations as a Single Dad

Having to pay child support can be compared to the scene in Fight Club where Brad Pitt's character pours acid on Edward Norton's hand to induce a nasty chemical burn. Norton begs and pleads to make it stop, Pitt forces him to "stay with the pain" and in an eerily calm manner states, "it's only after [...]

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Deciding Child Custody and How It’ll Change Your Child (and you)

The absolute biggest issue overlooked by unmarried parents is child custody. Establishing paternity and custody of the child shortly after your baby is born can save you from a great deal of issues in the near future. In this post I'll be covering what your basic options are and how to execute them. Establishing paternity [...]

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Clearing the Air: Perceptions about Negative Experiences

Before this website went online, there wasn't a single resource out there for people in my situation who wanted more than just an outlet to vent or to join the men's rights circle jerk. Why was nobody talking about this? Why did so many dads start something but appear to abandon it? Did they give [...]

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